we study and define the image of your brand and bring it to life

From the logo to the coordinated line, to the company profile and catalogs: the company presentation tools, perceived and processed by the public, must guarantee perfect alignment with the company’s identity. A task that risks being difficult, if you do not pay attention to the profile of the target, its expectations and the positioning of the image that you want to convey.
MKTit, thanks to an internal creative department in close contact with the strategic management, aims to assist companies in the study of the most correct identity and in the construction of an effective and coordinated communication in every detail.

Defining a correct naming, building the base values of your brand and capturing your attention with a strong visual identity will be the elements on which the “destiny” of your business will be based. The success of a new project will therefore start from a pivotal element on which you can not fail: who you are.

naming study
creation of the pay-off
indications for the selection of the graphic study
graphic studio support for the design of the new logo
creation of basic printed list
supervision of the realization of the basic coordinate image
marketing indications on the implementation of all communication

The most innovative strategic tools, such as Aesthetic Marketing, Emotional Branding and Experiential Marketing Design, interpreted strictly in prestige, are used to position, re-launch and / or strengthen brand equity.

Integrated marketing communication consultancy
Internationalization strategies
Product development
Value-added partnerships
Search for managerial, productive and / or distributive resources