planning and creativity for marketing

Search marketing is at the heart of our approach to everything we do, especially producing content that helps travelers discover our hotel clients.
In December 2015, over 92.4% of active Italian users visited a search engine (source: Audiweb). These include: consumers looking for new products and purchasing managers interested in new suppliers. Search engine marketing (SEO / SEM). A good ranking in search engines, the result of an integrated search engine marketing plan, helps companies to be found by interested customers. But not only. Users tend to attribute a leading image to those brands that rank high in search results.

Strategic marketing consultancy
Everything is useful, nothing essential. For us, convinced that it is not enough to communicate, but that we need to do it well, everything revolves around 4 points: product, price, promotion, place.
Each of our work is born with a preliminary consultation in strategic marketing, which allows us to identify the most correct action plan with respect to the company’s strengths, to the expectations of the target, to the activities of the competitors. A study made possible by the previous experience of some Marketing Italia professionals in the strategic marketing of important Italian companies and that is realized both in the b2c and b2b markets. In the face of a studied and shared strategy, the project can thus be coordinated in every detail. Finalized to the goal. Effective.

Advertising online
Banners, pop-ups, skyscraper and overlayer are just some of the names used to call an “old” tool that has found its new life on the web: advertising. In the classic media that have always relied on prestige and authority, online advertising responds with measurability and conversion: two values appreciated by today’s markets, which can monitor the results of the campaign, straighten up shooting and reduce distance, one click space, between reader and consumer. To increase the reputation of a brand or give visibility to a product, Marketing Italia takes care of both the planning and the creativity inherent in the online advertising campaign. To ensure that the medium and message work in synergy above the (on) line.

Persuasive web marketing
Setting up a web marketing campaign on a message of strong appeal helps. But it is not enough. Because online persuasion lasts for one click. The speed of comparison between products and the simplicity of exit from a web page impose to persuade the user – before you surf elsewhere – to take an action. Request more information, enter the social community, subscribe to the newsletter: there are many objectives of a campaign of persuasive web marketing and the many tricks useful to ensure a return. In the context of persuasive web marketing campaigns, Marketing Italia devotes particular attention to the construction of landing pages. Powerful tools in which the right amount of information, the wise use of colors, the inclusion of invitations in the most strategic places of navigation mark the difference between persuasion and conquest. Going from Goethe’s color theory to Gestalt psychology up to measurements that guarantee the achievement of the result.

Mobile web marketing
Marketing on the move means taking advantage of new opportunities for the brand and its consumers to meet, choose, buy and buy more and more products via smartphones and tablets.
An effective mobile marketing plan must therefore take into account these new users and move in two directions. First: communicating with easily navigable tools from touchscreen and on the move. Second: following the behavior of those who – on the move – chat on social networks, look for the nearest store, read the emails. Mobile apps, targeted announcements and coverage of location-based social networks are just some of the useful tools. In Marketing Italia, a team of experts is responsible for defining the strategy and the mobile marketing tools most suited to the market and the company’s objectives.