SMM? We LIKE it!

On social networks, today there are all. The professionals are on Linkedin, the photo enthusiasts on Instagram, the globetrotters on Foursquare: meeting them is easy. But conquer them? To transform social networks into an opportunity it is necessary to garrison a community (market), satisfying the desires of a group of users (demand) with an initiative (offer) conveyed on the most correct networks (channels).

Facebook marketing
Facebook is the social network par excellence. A large audience to which millions of brands, companies and products want to address, through editorial contributions, multimedia contests and sales platforms. The numbers collected today by Facebook, on the one hand have contributed to its success, on the other have caused a high advertising and commercial crowding. Opening a Facebook page without an appropriate strategy has become like talking to an audience without a microphone: nobody listens. In this context, Marketing Italia is responsible for defining effective Facebook marketing plans, without promising unrealizable miracles, with respect to the objectives set, but above all integrated. From updating to managing contributions, from contests to couponing systems, from advertising to social commerce platforms: anything that can distinguish the brand and retain a community is the expertise of Facebook marketing experts.

Linkedin marketing
For some companies, LinkedIn is like Facebook at leisure. Because relationships are also tightened on Linkedin. But with partners, potential customers and new employees.
Professional users oriented, by nature, to the objective and selecting their interlocutors based on skills, updating and availability of answers. Positioning your company correctly and increasing your contact network is therefore the first step in a Linkedin marketing plan, but not the only one. Based on the target set (online recruiting, new business contacts …) Marketing Italia’s social media managers are responsible for defining the most correct Linkedin marketing strategy and for activating the most suitable tools: from digital PR to pay per click campaigns, up to to direct integrated email marketing.

Pinterest, Instagram & co.
Every social network, just like every brand, has its own audience. Choosing which platform to talk about is how to choose which channels to distribute a product: you need a strategy.
Within a social media marketing plan, Marketing Italia professionals focus on identifying the most strategic social networks for the target and the objective and communicating with the most widespread languages among its users. Only in this way will Pinterest become a platform for dialogue between a food brand and women in the kitchen. Only then will a chain of shops meet local shoppers on Foursquare. Only in this way social networks can become social media marketing tools.

Buzz marketing and digital pr
Stimulate the most influential opinion leaders in the industry and generate a positive “buzz” around a novelty, a product or a brand is now also possible on the web. Just say it in the right places, the right people. Bloggers, youtubers and users who are very active on social media are the new 2.0 influencers, recipients of buzz marketing and digital PR actions and loyal to all the companies that want to get in touch with the web community. In fact, the Internet is a new space for an ancient practice – word of mouth – where to weave relationships and feed them with buzz marketing and digital PR actions.
Competitions, events and partnerships thus find new tools for involving opinion leaders in the sector in consumer experiences in close contact with the brand.
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