We set up the right marketing policies to increase the attractiveness of the tourist destination

A destination that intends to undertake a modern promotional campaign must perform 3 basic actions:
“Listening” to the immense amount of information generated on social networks
“To amplify” the tourist promotion with the various opportunities of the new tools available.
“To quantify” tourist visits in interactions and visits

Netnographic analysis (listening)
Detailed and detailed analysis of the client’s and user’s perception of the intended destination as accommodation facilities.
Every type of contribution released by the user in the main social networks will be analyzed to understand “sentiment” and to quantify “engagement”.

Viral Marketing (amplification)
Elaboration of a promotional strategy in collaboration with the tourist body in order to highlight the peculiarities and the uniqueness of the territory, correcting those that are instead the deficiencies and the gaps incriminate.
Creation of a social media team and specific viral marketing activities to perform communication and territorial promotion.

Metric Analysis (quantification)
Processing of data obtained from the promotional campaign in terms of sentiment and engagement.
Evaluation of social media marketing activities and organic results on search engines.