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Everything is useful, nothing essential. For us, convinced that it is not enough to communicate, but that we need to do it well, everything revolves around 4P: Product, Price, Place and Promotion. Each of our work is born with a preliminary consultation in strategic marketing, which allows us to identify the most correct action plan with respect to the company’s strengths, to the expectations of the target, to the activities of the competitors. A study made possible by the previous experience of some Marketing Italia professionals in the strategic marketing of important Italian companies and that is realized both in the b2c and b2b markets. In the face of a studied and shared strategy, the project can thus be coordinated in every detail. Finalized to the goal. Effective.

We are a marketing agency.
We build big ideas and manage determined campaigns. We know what works. We provide true value and ROI through an increase in meaningful conversations, brand awareness, traffic and sales. We get under the skin of your business and tailor a full-service plan specific to your needs.

We offer a focused and results-oriented PR service, constantly achieving high quality exposure for our customers. We offer a focused, results-driven PR service, consistently achieving high-quality exposure for our pioneering luxury travel clients.
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Even the most insane dream can be the basis for a successful project, the important thing that it is always supported by a correct analysis.
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A good ranking in search engines is the result of constant optimization of the website. Because the web is meritocratic and only the quality communication is to climb the ranking.
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We’re a social media team specializes in targeted social content that travelers like and, more importantly, share. From organic social content and community management to paid social campaigns and influencer activations, we drive engagement, follower growth, website clicks and conversions for our hotel clients.
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Google says it in a recent study and confirms our experience, now consolidated, in the development of web marketing plans for companies of all sectors, both b2b and b2c. The secret? Know the right channels and all the potentials.
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In an increasingly crowded market, the company must segment and build one-to-one relationships with the customer. The email box is one of the few spaces on the web that are still confidential and personal. From the acquisition of new customers to the loyalty of the current ones. Much more than a flyer: an invitation addressed directly to your clients.
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A team of professionals at your service to increase the revenues of your structure.
The tourism sector is constantly evolving and companies need constant promotion of their activities on several markets and with different operators, with targeted actions in the different communication channels. Marketing Italia is a specialized consultant for your hotel or property and will support you at 360° to enlarge your business.
The extra March is the mobile fare. A tariff that rises according to employment, a rate that incentivizes the customer to book well in advance to find the best price.

Used for the first time in the ’80s by airlines, is now the most important hotel management technique suitable for optimizing revenues!
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We set up the right marketing policies to increase the attractiveness of the tourist destination. Netnographic analysis, Viral Marketing and Metric Analysis.
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We offer courses and training seminars: a fundamental step for the knowledge of the capabilities and potential of the hotel and its staff.
We meet your logistical and time requirements by proposing our training right there, in your Hotel!