Poggio Baronti is the ideal place for those seeking calm and serenity in the splendid Tuscan countryside. The B&B offers its guests a high quality welcome at the reception as they arrive, thanks to the magnificent country setting but above all to the care and attention with which every detail has been arranged.
What’s the goal? Bookings, bookings and more bookings. Especially DIRECT bookings.
Tommaso Burci contacted MKT Italia to increase direct bookings. Since the vast market size and share of third party booking sites, it’s too important for hotels to work towards maintain the right balance between OTA bookings and direct bookings. Increasing direct bookings is better for any touristic business because it helps to minimize the cost of OTA intermediation.
What did MKT Italia do to achieve this goal? Photo shoots: a structure’s potential customers base much of their decision on the photography the website presents.
That’s why professional photography is a strong investment for a B&B. Tommaso Burci wanted his business to stand out. He wanted to rise above the competition and become the go-to B&B for visitors in Florence.
New Website: When you’re looking for a B&B, what is the first thing you do? You jump on the computer and search for hotels/B&B in your destination city.
And you decide which hotels are the best by looking for those with spectacular accommodations and location, favorable reviews and reasonable rates.
The user experience design of a hotel website has a huge impact on how easy it is for a lead to determine this info, and consequently, how likely it is to attract your business.
MKT Italia made a new website that portraied Poggio Baronti in its best light, showed nearby point of interests (fundamental when you’re located in Tuscany), maked it easy to view prices, room availability, special packages and booking options.
Social media marketing: MKT Italia deeply believes in the potential of social media. There’s no better way to generate enhanced exposure for your business and develop brand loyalty.
The perfect way to build relationships between a busines with leads. We just started to manage Poggio Baronti’s Facebook and Instagram Channel, with really good results.